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The Hotel

Discover the essence of Jerusalem through the remarkable Hotel Jeremiah. With its homage to the city's rich history, every lounge and hall within the hotel carries a name that resonates with Jerusalem's captivating spirit.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Eternal City from our panoramic observation deck, located on the pool floor. As you gaze upon Jerusalem from above, prepare to be deeply moved by its undeniable charm.

Nestled in the entrance district of Jerusalem and within a short stroll from its vibrant city life, our hotel offers guests a truly magical Jerusalem experience. Allow yourself to be captivated as you explore the bustling areas that surround us.


"Experience the turning of Zion, observe her majestic towers, and let your hearts rejoice in the grandeur of her palaces..."

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The Rooms


The hotel boasts an extensive selection of suites and rooms, each thoughtfully designed to ensure a perfect stay, with meticulous attention given to every detail, from the captivating decor to the exceptional quality of the bedding.

Within each room, you'll discover a distinctive mini-bar that seamlessly transitions into Shabbat mode. Above the mini-bar, a delightful coffee corner awaits, fully equipped for your pleasure.

For added convenience, every room features a dedicated handwashing area outside the bathroom, in addition to the sink within. The night lamps are specially designed for relaxation, incorporating a manual mechanism that allows precise control over light regulation, offering the option of complete darkness. The Shabbat lamps exude an air of elegance from the very start.

Under the guidance of esteemed arbiters, the hotel provides exquisite electronic candles, allowing for a graceful lighting of Shabbat candles within the rooms. Traditional candles can be lit in the dining room.

Guest room wardrobes are equipped with a wig stand, a foldable suitcase carrier, a digital safe, and an umbrella, providing you with all the essentials for a comfortable stay.

The Shul

Nestled on the gallery floor, you will find the magnificent synagogue, a true gem within our hotel. This unique place of worship has been meticulously designed to pay homage to the Holy Swords communities. Inspired by the architecture of the Brody Synagogue in Galicia, it features striking long columns that symbolize the unbroken chain of generational connection, despite the tragic interruption caused by the Holocaust. The remarkable lighting fixtures evoke the image of eternal soul candles, perpetually burning in memory of the martyrs.

The Holy Ark within the synagogue was brought to Israel from the Jewish town of Harba in the Lodz district. Constructed with labor and deep devotion, its delicate decorations reveal its humble origin, crafted from inexpensive wood almost three hundred years ago, a testament to the poverty endured by the community. Surviving the fires of destruction, the Ark of the Covenant now resides in Jerusalem, radiating ancient glory and inspiring worshippers.

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The Spa

Located on the rooftop floor of our hotel, boasting a breathtaking view, our one-of-a-kind spa awaits you.

Featuring a spacious pool, a state-of-the-art gym, a rejuvenating Turkish bath, a tranquil dry sauna, and a selection of treatment rooms, our spa provides a comprehensive wellness experience.

Please note that specific hours have been designated for men and women to ensure a comfortable and inclusive environment for all guests.

The Lobby

Our esteemed guests have access to a spacious and indulgent lobby area, accompanied by comfortable sitting areas on every floor of the hotel, all offering stunning views.

Within our lobby, we are delighted to offer the convenience of our Coffee Shop, where guests can indulge in a delightful selection of coffee, pastries, and light, nutritious meals. Our Coffee Shop is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a refreshing break.

In the evening, we invite you to experience our Open Bar, where you can unwind and savor a variety of beverages in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail or a non-alcoholic refreshment, our Open Bar ensures an enjoyable evening for all.

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Ths Sukkah

We are proud to offer our guests three modern and spacious sukkahs, specially designed to enhance  your Yom Tov experience. These sukkahs provide a comfortable and inviting setting for guests to relax and  enjoy Yom Tov properly. 

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