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Gad is an Israeli Superstar who is currently the most recognized name and face in Jewish music world wide. With millions of hits on his YouTube music videos, Gad is one of the top recording Artist, whose songs are played and covered around the globe. Through his soulful and contemporary sound, Gad has brought Jewish music to a new level, and continues to serve as a role model to his many fans.

Gad's music intentionally captures both the observant and secular listener by mixing original and biblical texts with ballads, harmonies, middle-eastern rhythms and modern pop. Many of the songs are a collaboration between him and his wife Moran, where he composes the music and she writes the lyrics.

Gad is reaching audiences around the world as his music and message of unity are being embraced by Jewish communities worldwide. In 2009, he began a multi-city world tour to promote his music and message. His goal is to help people renew their faith through music and empower them to live their lives with an open heart, faith in themselves and faith in G-d. 



Elon Gold

Elon is a comedian and actor who has starred in FOX’s Stacked and NBC’s In-Laws. He has made ten appearances on The Tonight Show and had a recurring role on the hit show, Bones. He was a writer/performer on ABC’s The Dana Carvey Show and has guest starred on Frasier, The Mentalist, Chappelle’s Show among others. His special on Netflix, Elon Gold: Chosen & Taken received wide acclaim from audiences and fellow comedians; and is currently streaming on Amazing Prime. Elon’s routines have gone viral and are shared by millions around the globe. He recently made a stellar appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden and was featured in season three of Crashing on HBO, where he played his most challenging role …himself. Elon can next be seen alongside Larry David in the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm



Eran Biderman

Do you believe someone can read your mind? Eran Biderman can. He can delve into your innermost thoughts, and know what you are going to say even before you do. His outstanding performances of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him international acclaim as a top class supernatural entertainer and mentalist from members of the public, to the best- performing CEOs worldwide and Hollywood celebrities. We are forward to Eran astounding the minds of our guests at our very own night Magic.



Shulem Lemmer

Shulem is the most recent rising star of the Jewish musical tradition that has been intertwined in the life, faith, and culture of the Jewish people throughout their history. Whether it's prayers, psalms, or contemporary classics, this youthful Brooklyn tenor finds in music something rich and affirming, an endeavor that makes the soul soar and the spirit rise and speaks to the human condition. In fact, Shulem feels music aspires to go beyond current historical context to illuminate what he sees as the perfect dream: when the world is at peace.  There are some voices that have to be heard – and Shulem’s is one of them.


Marking the first time that a singer from the orthodox Hasidic community has been signed to major label, Shulem’s debut album, The Perfect Dream, will be released on Decca Gold, an imprint of Universal Music Group’s Verve Label Group. Produced by Jon Cohen, the album is an arresting arrival of a fresh voice -- new to many --and yet already seasoned by years of performing for his congregation and the Hasidic community. The Perfect Dream finds Shulem masterfully embracing a broad range of material reflecting his varied musical tastes. His considerable vocal talents are supremely showcased in the two singles of the album, Les Miserables’ “Bring Him Home” and "Jerusalem Of Gold".


The release of  The Perfect Dream extends Shulem’s reach further. A new world awaits and Shulem is ready to meet it and is equally excited about taking his music and message to even greater heights. “This has always been a dream, and I'm really happy," he says. “I look forward on how this will play out. I'm doing what I've done for years, and what's going on now is truly humbling for me. I'm really leaving it up to God's hands, and we'll see how it goes.”






Shimi 2 Zumba Night

Back by popular demand

The number one in Kosher Zumba in the USA
Find out this Yom Tov why everyone is going crazy for Shimi.
Shimi is a motivational speaker, an MC, and an entertainer.
Shimi taught Zumba classes for a decade, even spearheading several Zumbathons for charity, 
A Shimi-2-Zumba oceanfront class is what makes it the outlet every woman needs . 
Our talented Certified Zumba Instructor Shimi Adar, makes each person feel special and draws each person back for more “shimi”. Join us this Chol Hamoed for an amazing unforgettable evening full of electrifying energy, put on your dance shoes and see-for-yourself what the craze is all about.





Tal Vaknin

Tal Vaknin is an internationally acclaimed singer and composer of Jewish pop and soul music. Tal is known for his amazing vocal abilities and his success among all different streams of Jewish audiences, both in Israel and abroad. Born in Jerusalem, and son of musical cantorial parent, Tal was discovered at an early age as a musical prodigy child. Tal continued to wow audiences in concerts up until he joined the IDF. During his service in the IDF he performed in the Israeli Army band at bases all around the country.

In 2008 he released along with singer Yossi Azulay the album “Prayers” which became a smashing success. In 2009 Tal founded the known Radio station Galey Yisrael along with “Lehakat Darom” and served as the Music director of the station. In 2011 Tal broadened his reach and founded the childrens choir “Musikids”. Tal’s extreme talents led to an invitation to perform for the Israel Day Concert at the Summer stage in Central Park NYC. Accompanied by a 12 piece orchestra, Tal performed to an energized audience of 25,000 people. In addition Tal has performed in the prestigious “Heychal Hatarbut” and with musical legends such as Gad Elbaz and world famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

Tal’s 2013 single “Aneni Bashirim” was number one on the charts for 6 consecutive weeks and became an instant hit in the religious sector in Israel. Later that year Tal released his next Single “Neshama” to tremendous acclaim. Aside from his albums and performances Tal is also an experienced and talented Chazan, leading powerful and upliftings davenings in synagogues all over.

Israeli Superstar

Gad Elbaz